Clint Glass

Old Beat Cop


Clint is an old, cynical beat Cop, who commands a fair amount of respect from his fellow officers due to his heroics and keen intuition. However, due to the large number of complaint lodged against him for abusing his position he has little official power. He’s also gained a reputation for being a vigilante nutcase for his repeated request for off the book evidence analysis and other favors. He has a few loyal friends who continue to quietly help when they have time, but most officers are reluctant to work with him.

In what little private life Clint allows himself he’s a fervent Christian, always wearing the antique silver cross passed down from his father. The powerful faith of two generations of cops (few people pray harder then a a policeman under fire) has caused the spirit of this cross to awaken. It takes the form of an angel with gleaming, silver wings.

Clint Glass

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