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  • Unnamed Lesser Rabbit Spirit

    This spirit was encountered during the pack's struggle to claim the locus in the park from the Azlu. It explained what the Azlu were and a bit of their history in exchange for being rescued from the Azlu spider webs.

  • Unnamed Greater Coyote Spirit

    This behemoth was freed from the Azlu webs after the fight for the locus in the park. How such a powerful spirit could have been trapped like that is unknown.

  • Unnamed Hope Spirit

    This spirit was encountered in the hospital while the pack was investigating the disappearance of young women in the area. While a bit coy and flighty, in the end she freely divulged all she knew about the murders without asking for anything in exchange.

  • Unnamed Wolf Spirit

    This spirit had been trapped behind the big steel door in the werewolves' house. Kim owes him a unspecified future favor.

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