51 48th Avenue

The ‘home’ of the pack, 51 48th. Avenue was selected in haste by the Red Dog pack… without actually checking the site out. The rent for the house is cheap, but you get what you pay for.

Whoever lived in the house before left a mess; garbage everywhere, furniture and windows broken, lawn long untended. The two-story building is an eyesore and stinks.

In spite of its downsides, however, the builders must have been obsessed about safety. The windows on the ground floor is made of safety glass, and the doors are all safety doors – or heavier. This includes two chains and two deadbolts on both the front, and the back door.

Finally, the door to the basement is (currently) sealed. When asked, the landlady had no idea what’s in it.

Related NPCs: Janet Wilson, the landlady Kate Benedict, lives nearby Terry Wilder, also lives nearby


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