Bowmount Park

Bowmount Park is a large, partially forested park right across the Bow River from the pack’s home. It has two distinct features:

Bowmount Locus

The Bowmount Locus is a large locus in the forested area of the park. The locus is one of fear and terror, and the park repeatedly shows up on the news for attacks, strange sitings, etc. Up until recently, the locus had been blocked up by a group of Azlu, but they have since been dispersed.

House of the Hill

Whatever the original name of the house was, it has been forgotten. What has happened there, has not; ten years ago, this was the base of operations of the worst serial killer that Calgary had ever seen.

Today, the house has a well-deserved reputation of being maliciously haunted, and only the brave and the foolish enter it at night. It is, understandably, also a major feature in the spirit world, and a significant spirit hangout in this world.


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